Image: Intel's 4004 microprocessor, 1971
Intel's 4004 microprocessor, 1971

Digital technologies offer us new ways to be creative. At the same time, the methodologies of the digital era are not entirely new—they have been a part of human endeavor since the dawn of civilization. The circuit is the superstructure not only of digital technologies, but also of culture itself. Through the realm of the circuit we can receive, remix and transmit creativity. These endeavors can be combined and manipulated in the computer as multimedia, while the network's vast storage capacity allows for the creation of a repository that we have called the World Brain. Inexpensive tools have opened the creative dialog to a massive audience. Interactivity is also a hallmark of digital creativity; we have chosen to explore it, as it is essential to every aspect of human endeavor. It remains for the creative interlocutor to use these technologies to their full potential, to engage in the dialog.